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We are Michi Lafary & Nico Nordström, a luxury fine art photography team. We started and still work in fashion and beauty, but have absolutely fallen in love with photographing fine-art portraits of everyday people. It’s the best, y’all!

We are based in Austin, TX and shoot in our in-home studio in East Austin, we also travel and work anywhere in the world. We know typically this is where we would share personal anecdotes about our lives, like we love long walks on the beach, or our favorite date is April 25th (Thanks Miss Congeniality!), but really, this is our favorite thing to do. Once you meet us, you’ll find out we’re happy extroverts, and we’ll get to know each other quickly. But if you’d like a jumping off point, we love animals!


At Obsidian + Blush, we strongly believe that everyone should be able to have elegant portraits of themselves. Especially living in the digital age - your grandchildren shouldn't have to remember you by a 60 year old cellphone pics. Portraits should be heirlooms that are crafted with a passion for the arts, with a love and respect for the final outcome and longevity of the images. The same goes for branding; timeless, elegant photos provide a lasting impact no matter the format they’re displayed in.

Believe us when we tell you, amazing things happen when you treat yourself like the royalty you are. It creates a shift in your life, maybe someone proposes, maybe you figure out your life’s purpose, or maybe your confidence increases enough to do and try new things. We can’t predict the future, but we have seen our clients truly have amazing things happen after their Portrait Sessions.


If you’re looking for a studio that creates unique image sets and takes care of you from start to finish, and we mean every detail is thought about and personalized, and every question you have is thought about, talked about with you, and answered, we’d probably make a great team. We love shooting all genres of photography, from branding, headshots, timeless family portraits, to sizzling boudoir. We strive to have all types of budgets addressed from our Specials Weekends to the very exotic travel budgets. We offer payment plans and are happy to work out yearly contracts. We really do want to shoot you, your family, friends, event, or brand - every shoot is so unique, (and we’re greedy,) we don’t want to miss a thing! No seriously, talk to us, we’ll make it work, we love it too much not to!

The devil’s in the details they say, and that’s what we're best at, the details. We truly want to get to know you. We create your images based on your style, your wants, needs, likes and dislikes. How do we do this? With your inspiration images, consultations, on the phone and in-person, and questionnaires that help to define your unique look. We know, it sounds like half a years undertaking, but really it’s a week or two, maybe 3 depending on our schedule. Our posing and styling is based on your body type, and the art direction is based on your style and what you want to convey about yourself and your life. We take all of you, add a dash of us, and bring the shoot together with the best editing and printed products available.

Brands! Branding images are headshots for your business, it’s so important to preserve your legacy with beautiful fine art portraits. You want relevant, yet timeless images to support and appeal to your clients for many years to come. Images that tell your unique story, that you’ll be happy seeing in a 50 years of spread or book, and is still considered to be beautiful work, even 100 years from now.

What we do is get into the nitty gritty of you or your brand, we create amazing images that are personal, professional, and artistically driven, we aren’t a typical photographer that takes you to a park and gives you the basic Pinterest photos. Nor do we do basic branding, we do so much more for everyone. We show who you are in the best possible way, and the most cost effective way, on the longest lasting printing products available.

To inquire about our full list of services, please contact us! We would love to hear from you.


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