Diary of a Photo Shoot

A client filled out our web form showing her interest in a maternity session. We set up a phone meeting where she explained that she wanted a magazine editorial style maternity shoot, and which collection she was interested in. We set up an in home consultation while on the phone, then sent her our ‘Build Your Dream Shoot Questionnaire’ to fill out before we arrived. This questionnaire gave her everything she needed to design her perfect session, including space to upload the link to her Pinterest board.

When we came to her house, we talked through her questionnaire going into more details, getting the frame of a photo shoot together. We talked about what she wanted the photos for, and what display options we have, how she wanted to use and/or display them, and what sessions and products we suggest. At the end of the consultation, she decided to go with the second collection and definitely needed 3 large prints for display at her baby shower. We found a day and time that worked for all of us, and scheduled the photo shoot.

After the consultation and over the next 2 weeks, we put together a moodboard for hair, makeup, and wardrobe looks, and one for the overall look and feel we want for the images. We emailed those to her for approval, and after getting the thumbs up, begin putting together our team and gathering needed props, wardrobe, set, and location needs.

About a week before the shoot Michi returned to the clients house for her wardrobe consultation, where we look at what the client has or has purchased for the shoot, try on things we've pulled from the Obsidian + Blush closet, and discussed wardrobe we will be pulling from designers. We talked over and finalized questions, ideas, logistics, and team for the day of.

The day before the shoot we picked up wardrobe from designers (if they're in town/near Austin, we pickup from Houston designers occasionally), grab the refreshments, and then us and the team go over the moodboards and pack accordingly.

Day of the shoot, the team arrives and sets up their areas for prep. We steam wardrobe, set out accessories and props for the day, and get the set and photography equipment needed. Then the Momma to be arrived! We begin with a chat going over the day, and get everything she brought organized while she’s pampered by the hair and makeup team. After, wardrobe styling and lighting tests, and on to taking the portraits. When we wrap up the set shots, we move to a park and get the outdoor shots the client wanted. We're wrapped! We help the client get her things together and take them to her car, clean, and pack our things, and we pick the photos to be edited.

The day after the shoot, we return all wardrobe we borrowed, and begin the fine art editing process on the images. We schedule the unveiling session, we meet at her house to go through the images and choose which ones she wants for which of the frames, and the album she decided to add on. It sounds easy enough, but in reality, it can be pretty difficult to make decisions. After the unveiling session, we placed the order, and in this case, we had everything shipped to her due to tight timing for the shower, but typically we hand deliver prints and products.