What session should I choose? / by Nico Nordström

We offer different types of sessions, the one you reserve just depends on what you are looking for. One isn’t necessarily “better” than another! Whichever type of session you reserve, we can guarantee you an amazing experience and beautiful portraits.

Before we dive into major differences, something to ask yourself is whether you’re looking to create an experience and memory, or simply update a few photos. And, parents think about your kids, some kids wear out quickly, others take a while to warm up, some do better with a small group in a controlled setting, some thrive with lots of hustle and bustle and people coming and going. These are all things to consider when choosing which session is the best fit for your family!

What's the difference between our Elaborate Set Weekends and our Custom Sessions?

Elaborate Set Weekends: We only do these sessions about 3x/year, and they're over half off of our regular price. They're only available at specific times during the year, have specific themes, like Victorian Floral, Monochromatic, Winter, etc and we have special package pricing for these sessions and products from the sessions- check out the Elaborate Set Weekend page for any current or upcoming promotions.

Locations and times are usually pre-set to allow for having multiple sessions in one day at one location. Session timeframe is limited in an effort to efficiently get the desired shots, the session fee and certain images and/or products are rolled into the collections offered for each Elaborate Set Weekend promotion (though add-ons to the collections are always available). We work EXCEPTIONALLY hard to make everyone’s session unique, fit their personality and needs, the timing does not allow for extreme customization.

This is a great option for those who seek to have sessions throughout the year or if you have some specific need for an image (a holiday card or to commemorate a milestone birthday or headshots, for example) or to have a small taste of the Obsidian + Blush experience (think of it as going out for coffee and not for the whole dinner on a first date)

Each Collection includes:
The photoshoot, as well as edited social media sized digital images.
Some degree of hair and makeup.
We’ll provide a generic moodboard and styling assistance with our Obsidian + Blush closet.
We have 3 amazing sets you can choose from.

Available for an extra fee:
In-home wardrobe consultation.
Full wigs.
Avant Garde hair and makeup.
Full wardrobe styling.
Prints and products.

Custom Session: These are available year round, depending on our availability. We relish spending time with our clients, getting to know them and their distinctive dynamics, style, and personalities. We want to make sure we deliver exactly what you want, and need. On set we like to take our time, allowing you to warm up and feel comfortable. Overall, these provide the most luxurious experience and are so hand tailored to you, have the most unique end product.

Includes: Everything from ESW and:
In-home photoshoot consultation 1 hour
Customized moodboard for beauty, mood, and wardrobe
In-home wardrobe consultation 1 hour
Location or set build out tailored specifically for you or allows us the opportunity to move around to several locations, and the locations are as unlimited as your imagination (and within the law, of course)!
Some degree of designer wardrobe, accessories, and/or props
Archival grade prints in a beautiful glass display box
An in home unveiling appointment 1 hour