How We Work

What to expect on your O + B Journey:

It isn't just about the photos. The whole experience is built around you, from the planning, set/location, hair, makeup, wardrobe decisions, helping you make your selections, to the final hand delivery of your art. We are available to you 24/7 for any questions, concerns, or creative thoughts you have along the way.

It all begins with a complimentary in-home consultation to discuss the many different options for your photo shoot. We will chat about various style ideas and looks for your photo shoot, whether your portrait session will be at a location or we’re designing and building a set for you, with what kind of wardrobe, hair, and makeup styles best suit your style and vision. This is also a great opportunity for us to get to know one another, photo shoots are quite personal. It is important we are a good fit and you are comfortable with us. We’ll also bring a couple samples of our printed work, and some of the best selling products we offer, we take a look around at good places for wall art, and we hone in on what you’re looking for. This is why the first planning session is so important. We plan the photographs, session, and whole experience with your needs in mind.  

Once we have a good shoot plan decided, we choose the shoot date, schedule the in-home wardrobe consultation, and a date for the unveil session. And don't worry, we will send all the information you need to be prepared; including tips on selecting the right outfits consultation, skin and nail preparation, plus so much more!

When you arrive…
This is your time to be pampered and enjoy yourself. We will have some snacks and beverages for you to enjoy while professional hair + makeup artists take care of your beauty needs! This process generally takes one and a half hours, depending on your look (and how much hair you have). We will be prepping the photography equipment, the set or what is needed for your location, and our wardrobe stylist will be prepping your wardrobe and choosing any additional pieces from our wardrobe + accessories closet, and/or any designer wardrobe options we’ve selected for you.

Once you are done with hair, makeup, and wardrobe it’s time for the fun part: the shoot itself! We will guide you through the entire shoot with posing direction and demonstration. Don’t worry, posing you is our job. We’ll coach you, give you tips on what angles work best and even roll around on the floor with you to demonstrate if needed. All you need to do is have fun and trust the process!

Being a model is a blast but exhausting, make sure to plan a relaxing evening afterwards!

The unveil session is a very special event we plan just for you. This is the first unveiling of your images, and it can be very exciting and emotional, seeing them for the first time. You can have anyone you want at this unveil session, turn it into a reveal party! Many times grandma, auntie, close friends like to be included. Everyone who is financially involved in your household should be there. We will sit down for your unveil session. You can relax and view your photos and choose your favorites for your album or to display in your home! You will place your order then.  We have payment plans available. Once your payment plan is paid in full, your order will be placed.

Our custom sessions start at $1,000 and depending on the products you’re interested in, which is different for everyone, some spend in the $1,500 range, and some over $6,000. If you want the moon, you can do that, or if you only want a single album, or just wall art, there are lots of options.

You are special and unique, and your portraits should reflect that. In every conversation, through your session and unveil, our team makes sure you are comfortable and relaxed. We want every client to leave their session feeling amazing, and receive images they and their families will adore for years and generations to come!