The Do's + Don'ts of Preparing for Your Session / by Nico Nordström


One week prior to your session you need to increase your water intake. Well hydrated skin photographs beautifully and has a healthy glow.

Your nails can make or break a photograph if they are not well maintained. If in doubt, do a French manicure and pedicure.

Consider treating yourself to some eyelash extensions a few days before your session. If you don’t want to get extensions, we have false lashes available always! Extensions or false lashes really are a must! They accentuate your eyes and make them pop in your photos.

Whiten your teeth before you show that beautiful smile. There are tons of new teeth whiteners that you can grab at your local grocery store these days.

Moisturize your hair and skin, starting at least a week before your shoot. Moisturizing your skin makes it plump and makeup go on even smoother and your hair extra shiny and bouncy.

Get a good night's sleep for at least two nights before you step in front of the camera, helps with dark circles and under eye bags, plus your overall skin condition.

Make sure to eat a small, healthy meal just before we arrive for your session, you will need your energy to hold poses!

Grab your favorite bottle of whatever to have a glass while getting ready, be conservative, there's relaxed but not tipsy, beyond that isn't good.

Have your outfits, accessories and any props packed the day before your session.

Shave anything you'd like to have smooth the day before the shoot, take razor burn precautions, like using tend skin after or shaving cream you've used before.

Day of Shoot, have clean dry hair no product, and clean only moisturizer on your face, no makeup.


If you tan in the sun you are left with tan lines…unless you are an exhibitionist and tan in the nude, that is. The natural sun dries out your skin and makes it look older than it really is. A healthy glow is all you really need. If you must lay out in the harsh rays of the sun, do so no closer than one week prior to your shoot. Your skin needs at least 5 days to recover from UV exposure. Just be mindful of those tan lines, and be very careful not to burn. Tanning in a bed at a salon may be relaxing, but it gives the skin an orange overtone. Even if you don’t seem to see that bronzing effect in the mirror I promise the new digital cameras that we use will pick it up. Any artificial tanning method bronzes your skin. Self tanners are not good for photography as they tend to streak no matter how diligent you are at applying it. For those of you who just simply must be a few shades darker: go to a professional salon that specializes in airbrushing. The professionals are trained to give your skin a sun-kissed look without the orange tone and with no streaks.

We typically panic about our weight before big events and having our photo taken. We guarantee that you don't need to lose any weight, you already look good. But, so you know, panic diets can cause you to have no energy, no glow and look lifeless on camera. If you decide to diet or exercise to lose weight before your session, please do it safely, in a way that doesn't diminish your energy or natural glow.

The day of your session you must avoid wearing anything with elastic. Wear a robe or a loose-fitting button up shirt and some very loose-fitting drawstring pants. Or a slip on dress that you can pull down instead of over your head. Also make sure to not wear jewelry that could leave marks or hair bands around your wrists. For more on what to wear, check out our What to Wear blog post :)