Boudoir : The Nitty Gritty of Being Glam AF

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Boudoir photography is not your everyday version of ‘sexy’ or ‘scandalous’

There’s a million reasons to have boudoir portraits taken, some examples: for your significant other as a gift, get in touch with your gorgeousness, or to commemorate a time in your life. It’s also great for empowerment and healing, i.e. cancer patients, sexual assault victims, body-shaming sufferers, etc. Personally, I did mine after my divorce for me alone, and only two of my girlfriends ever saw the photos.

Unfortunately, boudoir sometimes has a reputation for being scandalous and erotic, but where the style is today is both artistic and highly personal - epitomizing how photography can just teasingly approach the line, but not really cross it. Suggestive though personal and private, romantic and intimate photography, that’s not explicit in nature. Because of its risqué (though not necessarily nude qualities), misunderstandings about this genre of photography has understandably arisen, hopefully this helps clear up some of those notions of it being indecent.

Because, these sessions and products are typically meant for a private audience, like yourself and/or your significant other, you have complete control over the audience the photos are taken for, and how they view them.

In a session, you decide what you’re comfortable with, what you’re comfortable wearing, what you and/or your partner find attractive, and a setting that makes you feel comfortable and sexy. And who doesn’t want to feel like a model or a celebrity? This is part of the vibe that we create for our clients - a fun, relaxed, and comfortable atmosphere where you can be glammed up and have amazing portraits taken.

There’s something about boudoir sessions that makes you feel so free. Everybody should try it!

Our studio itself is filled with enough regalia to stock a film: a rotary phone, thrones in gold and black, vintage robes, radios, vanity accoutrements, and countless other fineries.

The Styling of Subjects

Boudoir is more about the sexy vibe than it is about showing everything, people don’t really think about how covered up you can be and still emit extreme sexiness. Everything from a button down shirt just showing some cleavage, to a full nightgown and robe. Think for a moment about how much skin is actually showing in those outfits, and how sexy they can still be. It’s about you, and what’s sexy about you.

When it comes to wardrobe for sessions, generally you decide what you want to wear and we help with suggestions and accessories. During the wardrobe consultation, we come to your house, and with you we go through all your options to help you pack for the shoot. Choosing everything from nylons, earrings, shoes, etc.

Most importantly, it should reflect who you are, make you look and feel great, and go with the general aesthetic you’ve chosen for your session.

What Happens in a Shoot?

We start with a phone call, then an in person meeting to talk about set design and overall vibe of the shoot, about a week from the shoot there will be an in home wardrobe consultation. That’s one of the reasons we speak with you beforehand, asking about your and your partner’s favorite features. Like so many women, the list of things you don’t like about yourself—awkward proportions, scars, cellulite, a big nose—is much longer than its inverse. But, don’t worry if the list of dislikes are longer than the likes, we will get rid of all dislikes, and after the shoot, you’ll have new things you like about yourself, guaranteed!

For many people, modeling for boudoir photography will usually be their first time in such a situation. That’s why we have a big role to play not only to guide you through the shoot, but also to make you feel at ease. Most people are skittish at the thought of being photographed by strangers, which is why we do the in-person meetings and in-home wardrobe consultation in advance and provide champagne on the day of the shoot to soothe your nerves.

On the day of the shoot, we glam you up with professional hair and makeup, have some snacks and champagne, and then start on the shoot journey of making gorgeous photos with you as the star!

Boudoir Posing

Posing for boudoir requires a degree of exercise that’s not usually demanded of an everyday person. It also requires a surprising amount of concentration. We’ll be demonstrating some of the poses, and some we’ll physically help you into, you’ll be amazed how a hand or foot position can change how amazing you look. We’ll show you as we’re going, so you can see why we’re asking you to do these crazy things, we promise, it’s worth it. You will be tired at the end of the session, so we recommend to plan a nice relaxing evening with a bubble bath after.

Struggling to hold up your head, calves sore from the weight of the heels, and sweating from the hot studio lights, are some of the crazy things you can expect to feel. But viewed through the lens, you will look natural, languorously strewn across the couch as if asleep and only just woken up to greet the viewer. The angles that feel so awkward, look artful, beautiful, and effortless.