We're so excited to announce our Specials for 2019!

We only do these sessions about 2x/year, and they're over half off of our regular price. They're only available at specific times during the year, have specific themes, like Victorian Floral, Boudoir, Winter, etc.

Locations and times are usually pre-set to allow for having multiple sessions in one day at one location. Session timeframes are limited in an effort to efficiently get the desired shots, and are first come, first serve. We work exceptionally hard to make sure everyone’s session is unique, fits their personality/needs.

This is a great option for those who seek to have sessions throughout the year, or if you have a specific need for new portraits (a holiday card, to commemorate a milestone, headshots, etc.), or to have a small taste of the Obsidian + Blush experience. Think of it as going out for coffee and not for the whole dinner on a first date!

To secure your spot please contact us via hello@obsidianandblush.com, or through our Contact Page.

For lists of detailed pricing, check out our Specials Pricing Page here


Portraits are an amazing way to celebrate your unique beauty, or as the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one. Our fabulous team will pamper you with professional hair, makeup, wardrobe styling, and photography - it’s like a day at the spa that produces fabulous art that will last a lifetime.

To see a list of Frequently Asked Questions, or see a Behind the Scenes look feel free to check out more of our website.

More of our Portrait work can be found here


The fine print

To see a full list of our Portrait Collections, please visit our Pricing page. To secure your slot, use our Contact page, or email us at hello@obsidianandblush.com with which dates/times that are most convenient for you. 

Available 2019 Dates:

March 30th + 31st - Floral Themed

November 9th + 10th - Winter Wonderland

  • Hour slots from 9am - 5pm

Once we have finalized the schedule, which may take up to a week, we will send out the contract, invoice, and booking information for your session. To secure your spot we require a $400 non-refundable deposit, which goes towards the total cost of your session. The remaining cost is due on the day of the shoot. We also offer custom payment plans, and are happy to put one together for you. 

You will receive fully edited images of the photographer's choice, with the option to order as many additional images as you wish. Within 4 - 6 weeks you will receive your edited photos.

We will provide styling assistance for you, but it is best to bring whatever you think might work! We have tons of styling/wardrobe pieces and accessories, so together we can create something great! The sets would work wonderfully with dramatic dresses and gowns, tulle skirts, lingerie or corsets, casual wardrobe, or costumes. We'll have dramatic lighting crafted specifically for your look by Nico Nordström, wardrobe styled by Michi Lafary, hair and makeup applied by some of the greatest artists in the city, and all the glam to make your photoshoot beautiful, fun, and perfect!


Nico + Michi