Meet Our Team

How did Obsidian + Blush happen?

A long time ago, in a far away place…
Not really, but not entirely far off either. Nico and Michi met during a large Marie Antoinette project a few years ago. (Go here to see photos from that project) The project took almost 2 years of working closely together, and during that time they ended up doing quite a few side projects together. After a couple years, many miles, and lots of gorgeous photos later, Nico and Michi had amassed a number of beautiful gowns, accessories, and props;  AND, were having so many people say to them, “I want to be shot like you guys shoot your models!” Or “I want a shoot like that of me!”, that they decided to start doing just that!

Nico Nordström

Nico Nordström is a fine-art fashion and portrait photographer based out of Austin, Texas. She graduated from Texas State University with a BFA in Fine Art Photography.

Nico has been in love with photography and history her whole life, and has been working professionally for over ten years. In addition to photography, she also loves painting, music, her husband, and “furbabies”.   


Michi lafary

Rarely can a hairstylist claim credit for such a wide range of experience, since 2000, her unique combination of industry experience and skilled services has given her the opportunity to become an educator, regional trainer, platform artist, salon manager, wig maker and stylist, editorial stylist for magazines, and a lead stylist for fashion shows, music videos, film and theatre productions. Currently, Michi is a freelance stylist in Austin, Los Angeles, NYC, wherever the work takes her.