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Can I see all of the unedited photos?
No, we ask that you put your trust in us to choose the cream of the crop! We like to work our magic then present the final outcome at your unveiling session.

How much does a custom photoshoot cost?
We are full service studio - meaning that we provide hair, makeup, wardrobe assistance, the photoshoot, and prints + products. Our all inclusive pricing begins at $1,000.

Will my images be shown on your website or on social media?
Your images will never be posted online without your written permission and a signed Privacy Policy Statement. During your consultation we will go over if you're comfortable with us doing social media/web coverage. You may say yes or no. We are totally happy either way! There will not be any pressure at all to share your images anywhere. If you do choose to let us share them, check out Our Privacy Policy HERE.
If you are in one of our “Model Calls”, then YES, your photos will be used as we see fit for marketing – which could include, but is not limited to, our website, Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter profile, sample products, etc… Please contact us for more information. 

Can I upload my pictures to my Facebook/Instagram?
Your release will be included with your purchased images. Unless you purchase, or we grant you, a separate commercial use license, your photos are for PERSONAL USE ONLY.
You can:
Post the web-sized images online, including on Facebook and any personal blog or website that does NOT receive advertising revenue.
When posting any of the photos online, we appreciate photo credit (“Obsidian + Blush”), a link to our website (www.obsidianandblush.com) and a tag of our Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/obsidian+blush).
Pinterest: with the following identification in the comment: Photo by Obsidian + Blush, Austin, Texas, http://www.obsidianandblush.com.
Please note that, other than cropping to fit specific social media photo dimensions, you may not change your photograph in any way, including but not limited to: altering the color, adding or subtracting elements or re-editing.

Do you offer albums or wall art?
Yes!  That’s what we specialize in — beautiful products! Our product info is HERE.
We love creating albums and our clients really love them too! Albums are by far our most popular product. They make especially nice gifts…or to keep for yourself!

Do you have a newsletter?
Our newsletter as well as social media are the best ways to stay up to date on our current specials! To be added to our newsletter click here

Do you sell the digital copies?
We do offer social media sized digitals from your shoot package on a beautiful custom USB drive. We archive each session’s digital negatives as well. You may request additional products from our archive at any time.  

Do you offer product packages?
We offer à la carte products as well as packages. Our product info is HERE.

Do you offer payment plans?
We do offer payment plans. They are specially designed for each individual, if interested in one, please contact us to discuss! Sessions and products must be paid in full before you will receive them. 

How much editing do you do?
We do our very best to get the image right “in camera” with professional posing, styling, makeup and hair styled, and professional lighting to guarantee that you look your best. That being said, we will occasionally nip and tuck a little here and there, we guarantee that our clients always look like themselves. 

 Beyond that is our signature fine art editing, giving the photographs a “painting-like” finish. Fine art editing is much more than just editing a photo - it’s creating a work of art. Each and every image is adjusted first for white balance, exposure, and the basic framework of the image. From there comes the retouching - this includes blemish removal, hair fixes, nips and tucks, wardrobe adjustments, and more. Once the “base” of the photo is done, comes the fun stuff! 

Every single color is adjusted individually for hue, saturation, and vibrancy. Most times the color is even very precisely hand painted in. Then each and every shadow and highlight is hand painted in to insure that there’s depth and richness to the photo. Once all of that is finished, the image is sharpened and finalized, with the whole process taking about one hour per image. The result is very natural looking and real, but with a beautifully glamorous touch! 

Some types of retouching may incur an additional charge, including but not limited to:
Removal of tattoos
Fixing tan lines
Color-correcting fake tans
If you request additional retouching at your unveiling session, you may incur a charge per image, per round of edits, at our discretion.
We do not release unedited or RAW images.

How do I book a session?
EASY!  Contact us HERE.
For more info on what to expect, please visit here.

You cannot:
Enter the photos into a contest.
Sell the photos to a third party or make a profit from them.
Use them in any commercial project, including but not limited to: business websites, and blogs that receive advertising revenue WITHOUT OUR EXPRESS WRITTEN PERMISSION IN A COMMERCIAL USE LICENSE.
Post any photo online without our watermark without our express written permission.
Alter the photos in any way, including cropping (except when a social media website automatically crops an image), changing colors, adding or subtracting elements.
Post screenshots or reproductions of any kind of our work on the Internet, including screen captures from album proofs or scans of album photographs.
Scan any printed photos for any purpose, including printing additional copies or posting online.
Print any photo that is sized for web use only.