Do I need any modeling experience?

Not at all! Our team is very experienced in working with everyday people of all shapes and sizes, and we will direct you in how to pose to make you look your best.

What should I bring to our shoot? How should I arrive?

If you've signed up for Collections 1 -4, please arrive with your base hair/makeup done. "Base hair/makeup" is different for each person, and is whatever works best for you. For some people that might be only foundation, mascara, and straightened hair - for others it might be foundation, eyebrows, liner, and curled hair - however you would show up to a nice date is typically where to start. From there our team of professionals will pamper you with hair and makeup assistance.
If booking Collections 1 - 4, you are responsible for your base wardrobe, and we will help with some additional styling. Base wardrobe includes nude-ish undergarments, shoes, wardrobe, and accessories. We are happy to help you choose what to bring, and are always here to help with any questions that you may have! 

If you've booked Collection 5, you are only responsible for your own shoes and undergarments. Our team will have everything else for you! Please arrive with your face and hair clean and dry. We will do a full face makeup application, style your hair, and pull wardrobe that is customized just for you.

What can I expect the day of?

Please arrive promptly on the agreed upon time to the address that we send over during the booking process. We will assist you with hair, makeup, and wardrobe styling, and then go shoot! Feel free to bring a friend, or an alcoholic beverage of choice for support! During the shoot we will give you direction if you'd like it, play some awesome music, and most of all have a great time.

How can I stay up to date on future photoshoots?

The best ways to keep up to date on upcoming photoshoots is to join our newsletter, like our Facebook page, and follow us on Instagram.